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Migraine/Headache/TMJ Treatment

Do you have?

Headaches and/or migraines, neck/shoulder pain, popping/clicking or grinding sounds in the jaw joint, loose teeth, facial pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), ear congestion or pain, limited range of motion of the head, neck and mouth, jaw pain/stiffness, sensitive teeth, grinding or clenching teeth while sleeping or awake, worn-down teeth, a pattern of breaking or cracking teeth with no other cause, or pain/fatigue when eating hard or chewy foods??

All the symptoms listed above can be caused by the same general problem. There is an area in the brain stem called the Trigeminal Cervical Nucleus where a number of very important major nerves pass through. If one nerve is firing off signals abnormally, such as the nerve going to the masseter muscle (a powerful chewing muscle abused by clenchers and/or grinders), other nerves going through this nucleus in the brain can be recruited and symptoms that seem unrelated to the masseter muscle will appear. Dr. Goldstein has trained extensively to treat TMJ (jaw joint) problems, headaches and migraines.  Watch the videos above of actual patients Dr. Goldstein helped.

The neurology of your teeth and the muscles that move your lower jaw, if hyper-stimulated, can be the source of anything on this list.  Many patients with these problems go from doctor to chiropractor to acupuncturist and, at best, find only short-term relief.  Dr. Goldstein is one of just a small number of dentists in the country trained in neural occlusion and techniques to definitively treat these issues.  If you, or someone you know, suffers with these problems, watch the videos of actual patients Dr. Goldstein has treated and how they feel about their results.